My whole life, I was very heavy

(I was obese!)

At the age of 13 the kids in school would bully me because I couldn’t go up and down the stairs, I was 300 pounds.

I felt excluded, I was never invited to anything. I felt like an outcast.

At schools they served cookies, soda and pizza for lunch. …I ate it all!

Back then I didn’t know any better, because children eat what they are being served.

Those years, I also had outgrown the biggest size in any plus-size clothing store.

I had to have my clothes handmade. My family was so disappointed that I was so heavy.

Between the age of 20 to 30, my weight was like a rollercoaster, I was losing 100 pounds one month, and gaining 100 pounds the next.

I decided to get a stomach bypass surgery. I thought…

“If I just lose weight, people will accept me”.

I had to change my way of thinking.

I was losing and gaining weight for the wrong reasons.

After the Surgery,

I met a group of health and fitness instructors.

They became my role models and influenced me to keep working on myself.

Those days went from 326 pounds, to 226 pounds in just six months, and lost another 90 pounds after that in the following year.

I signed up with a gym, and I started following HIIT classes (High Intensity Training), and weight lifting. I started eating fruits and vegetables. I took out all the snacks, and candy from my diet.

I learned from the doctor who did my surgery how to eat clean, and my HITT trainer taught me how to eat clean.

I felt empowered. I started reading countless books about nutrition and self development.

At 33 I decided to get my personal training certificate because I fell in love with fitness and nutrition. I was determined to become a personal trainer.

I felt it was my duty to help others to become their best-self.

At age 37 I finally quit my corporate job at Budweiser, because in my corporate environment I felt I wasn’t helping anybody.

I decided to go all-in on fitness, and hold myself to higher standards to achieve healthy results.

I started writing little post-it’s to myself, re-writing my own identity using positive affirmation.

I pictured an athlete. Every time I was about to do something that was out of alignment with my new identity I would stop myself.

I discovered that changing how you think about yourself can actually accelerate results.

I learned how to change my mindset about health, nutrition and fitness.

This unlocked

something inside of me.

At that point I wanted to have a greater impact on people.

The only way I could help more people, is when I would create a program sharing the lessons I had learned about myself.

Sooner after I was surprised when people started following me from big box gyms and joined my outdoor training programs.

“There’s a huge price to pay by neglecting health”.

All of the sudden I was able to coach and train more people in one hour than I would have done working as a personal trainer in a gym.

I said, spend one week with me, and I can show you how to change your life.

That’s when my students started to experience more progress more quickly than ever before.

It was exhilarating.

I became more outgoing, more confident, more

demanding of myself and of people.

I also learned how to respect myself.

Years later I underwent a skin removal procedure to reduce the effects of my early obese years.

I learned that you have to level up if you want more out of life.

Stop settling for average. Expect more of yourself and health and fitness.

“Being fit is hard, being overweight is hard”.Just pick your hard.

In 2020 I became a proud owner of a fitness franchise and a year later my online academy Weight Loss Boss was launched… …training thousands of people to date.

If you are reading this… I have been in your shoes.

Even if you think you can’t achieve the body or mindset you desire, you can!

…but only with the right belief structure and under the right guidance.

You MUST have to have a strong reason why you must lose weight.

I hope my story inspired you

to surround yourself with the right people

that will encourage you to level up in life.
Without Your Health There Can’t Be Any Wealth...
You Are A Weight Loss Boss.
I believe in you!

Heather Martinez

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